Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sooo. Harlem's Awakening is getting a life in Prague!

Dick & Jayne Get A Life was originally going to Prague Fringe Festival. The entire cast was not able to go, soooo now, Harlem's Awakening, a one-woman storytelling live experience is going in it's place.

Awww Yeah!

Join us for a fundraiser performance in LA on Saturday 4/26 (8pm) & Sunday 4/27 (3:30pm) at The Lounge Theatre. 6201 Santa Monica Blvd.

$25 - 3 drink tickets
$20 - 2 drink tickets
$10 - Minimum + 1 drink ticket

You can also donate here if you can't make it.

About Harlem's Awakening novella:

“Author Peppur Chambers brings to life 1940’s America with her debut novel, Harlem’s Awakening, following the unsettling journey of eighteen-year old Harlem Markeson as she desperately tries to reinvent herself in New York. With believable characters such as the conniving Sisters Ruth and Mary, the ruthless Lady Magdalena, and the mysterious Brown Betties, Peppur has created a seedy underworld where each character fights to unburden their deepest secrets.Harlem’s Awakening marks a strong debut and an irresistible read.”

–Lilliam Rivera, Editor

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dick & Jayne Get A Life...In PRAGUE!

That's International, YO!

Dick & Jayne has been accepted into the 13th Annual Fringe Festival Praha in May 2014!

We consider ourselves ambassadors as we're the only show from LA and the only from the state of California!

We're so stoked to share this story of an unfunny comedian and pregnant, self-proclaimed f*ck up with an International audience. What an honor!

A CrowdTilt campaign has been created in honor of this honor :) Will you support us? In fact, will you join us? If you've got it like that, why not come to the show? It will be fun!

$5 or $500, no amount is too small or will be denied! Support here .

Watch our VIDEO with popcorn.