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Recent and Upcoming Theatrical Projects:

Three Peas Productions co-produced a reading of "Harlem's Awakening", a feature film currently in the early stages of development, at The Lounge Theater in Los Angeles. 

"The Build UP" is a unique, interactive play written by Peppur Chambers and conceived by Shakir Chambers that will literally take the audience on a journey and end with an entertaining musical twist. The play debuted in January 2013.

"Dick and Jayne Get A Life" is a quirky one-act play about an odd couple who seek salvation in odd places...each other. Dick and Jayne will be produced in Summer 2013 for the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Opens June 19th.

Questions regarding producing, casting, scripts, venues, etc ? Email Peppur at peppurthreepeas (at) gmail (dot) com.

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