Monday, March 23, 2015

Join us in the journey!

It is not often that we receive the opportunity to create and perform our art...let alone do so Internationally. 

Dick & Jayne Get A Life will perform May 26-30th at Prague Fringe Festival 2015.

JAYNE and DICK rehearsing

We're the only play from Los Angeles accepted. We find that thrilling.

We're collaborating and teaming with A Broad's Way Productions based in Prague, to bring this awesomely unfunny, funny play to the Fringe. While we're casting locally in Prague for most of the roles (YAY!) we have to get our director and producer and Dick & Jayne to Prague. And cover some production props, like Dick's microphone and Jayne's pregnancy tests.

Will you help us?

Click here to donate to our cause!


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