Three Peas Productions, LLC is an entertainment production company dedicated to producing creative, quality events and projects that sprout from new ideas.

Conceived by siblings, Peppur, Darnell and Shakir Chambers, Three Peas has set out to present entertainment that stems from each of their sensibilities: Music, Theater and Film.

Shakir, Peppur and Darnell Chambers

The need for Three Peas resulted from the family knowing they needed their own production company to produce not only the events they created, but to nurture the talents of other artists with whom they'd come into contact over the years. Peppur had created and had been performing Harlem's Night: A Cabaret Story featuring The Brown Betties in LA, but knew she eventually wanted to  produce her own films and plays, as well. Meanwhile, Shakir had been in Miami producing various artist showcases and promoting multiple entertainment events as far back as 2000. With their love of the arts, they knew they needed something. Their brother Darnell, the anchor to double-headed creative monster, serves constantly as the voice of reason and financial analyst for the production company. In 2011, Three Peas began to germinate with Shakir's move from Miami to Los Angeles.

Their overall goal is to produce feature films, live theatrical stage shows and live concerts.

Currently, Shakir produces "Light's Camera Action" at On The Rox and Peppur is working on several screenplays while choosing which will be produced first. She has most recently completed co-directing her first short film, "Reparations" which she wrote and co-produced with Tina McDowelle.

The Chambers Children are excited for their new venture and look forward to producing quality, interesting entertainment that speaks in a loud, clear voice!

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