The Build UP - Theater

The Build UP
She wants him to save her; he wants to save himself...a band saves them both.

Photo by Adenrele Ojo Photography

Extended: Performs 2nd Sunday's through August 2013: 4/21, 5/12, 6/9, 7/14 & 8/11

The Build UP is a theatrical piece that is part play and part musical performance. The story, to be performed by 5 main actors in a secret location, is about a female filmmaker, KALIEGH who is feeling neglected both by her film career and her husband (CHRISTOPHE) as he tries to find himself in his new career as a music manager after being downsized. As a result, she confides in a cute plumber who happens to come for a house call. The Build UP is an intimate, yet powerful performance builds throughout the location and ends in Christophe’s band performing live. The audience will be up-close and personal with the actors and move from room to room. The audience will also have the opportunity to stay in one room with the actors or follow the story to another room (think: “MadLibs”!).

The Build UP stars:

Alex Dawson (KALIEGH)

Chris Mollica (CHRISTOPHE)

Daniel Ball (WYATT)

Erica Peeples (LAURIE)

Written & Directed by:
Peppur Chambers

Conceived by:
Shakir Chambers

Associate Producer:
Amanda White

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