Dick & Jayne - Theater

Dick & Jayne Get A Life premiered June 2013 at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

A sorta romantic sorta comedy.

With his already horrible comedy career on the line due to a failed relationship, Dick's manager implores him to find the funny or never come back to the comedy club. Dick feels he can only be funny if he has a girlfriend. Enter Jayne. Pregnant by Asshole Alex, broke, scared and faced with a decision, she is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Jayne finds comfort in the warped, gallant arms of Dick and Dick finds comfort in the symmetry of their names. Together, Dick & Jayne Get A Life.


 Michael Hampton (DICK)
 Chris Mollica (swing/ALEX)
 Kate Prendergast (MARY)
 Nicole J. Adelman (JAYNE)
 Richard Lewis Warren (GEORGE)
Ben Weaver (ALEX)
Brent McEwan (HARRY/STEVE)

Directed by:
Les Wieder

Written by:
Peppur Chambers
With Marketing Support from
Shavonne Wieder

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